ATAM. The Company

In 1970, having identified a gap in the field of electrical coil manufacturing, Adriano Colombo and Enzo Sartorio established the company TE-CAV primarily to serve the solenoid valve market. The Company soon became an important point of reference in this field and has steadily improved its reputation and standing on the market over the years, thanks to continuous investments in research, organisational structure and human resources. Today ATAM continues along the same lines, concentrating all its corporate energy and expertiseonresponding toacomplexandcontinuallyevolvingmarket.
And with the same energy and enthusiasm ATAM is currently increasing and reorganis- ing its production and machinery/plant in order to be able to tackle future challenges with technologically advanced and high-quality products.

ATAM Location

ATAM is in Agrate Brianza, just outside Milan, alongside the Milan-Venice motorway, and can be easily reached from Linate, Malpensa and Orio-Bergamo international airports. The newly-constructed production facility occupies a covered area of 5,500 sq.mt out of a total area of 10,000 sq.mt.
The building includes the management offices, the entire organizational, technical, commercial, and administrative departments, a test laborato- ry, the machine tool department and part of the production unit. Other production units are located outside the Agrate Brianza facility.
The ATAM Group.
ATAM is at the heart of a Group which bears its name and which incorporates a num- ber of companies that collaborate synergistically in the production of complementary products and accessories. The ATAM Group produces technically advanced solutions and has a capillary distribution network in various industrial sectors and global markets. The product range includes electromagnets, encapsulated electric coils, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, and industrial electrical connecting devices.
These products are principally intended for use in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, refrigeration, gas, steam, domestic appliances, automotive industry, packaging, handling, machine-tools and sensors.

Oil-hydraulics, hydraulics, pneumatics, steam, gas, automotive industry, packaging, handling machine-tools and sensors

ATAM Technical Office

The Technical Office studies and designs both standard and custom-built products made to end-users’ specifications, always paying close attention to finding the most appropriate solutions from both an economic and quality standpoint. Special care is taken in the study and production of moulds and tools, the correct sizing of the coil windings and choice of encapsulating materials, so as to create a product that fully lives up to the expectations of the market and the most demanding customer applications.
With the aim of making products to meet the needs of any application, ATAM coop- erates closely with the final user right from the drawing-board stage of any new arti- cle while at the same time carrying out painstaking research into materials and production techniques.
ATAM is able to offer products that fulfil the requirements of the main national and international standards authorities and also to assist users in obtaining certification for their devices at all stages of the process.

ATAM Testing Laboratory

The testing laboratory provides vital back-up to the productive process by carrying out tests to determine resistance strength, turn-to-turn insulation, mass insulation, inductance strength, temperature difference (Δt), residual magnetic properties, solenoid valve pullforce,andopeningandclosingresponsetimesofsolenoidvalves.
The Laboratory is also fully equipped to carry out thermal cycles and operating life tests in environments with various levels of humidity. All the equipment is controlled by a centralized computer which produces certificates showing the figures measured during testing.

ATAM Winding and Soldering

ATAM uses computerized machinery during the winding stage and fully automatic soldering equipment. Moreover the special care taken when mounting the magnetic structure, sometimes carried out manually, means that these operations are kept within high quality parameters. Regular in-line monitoring guarantees constantly high mechanical and electrical quality throughout all stages of production.
The same attention is given to the materials forming the winding support (bobbin), materials which have to stand up to the stresses produced during winding and, at the same time, resist the high temperatures produced during encapsulation and by the coil function itself.

ATAM Connector Assembly

In our Connector Division we produce a comprehensive range of valve and sensor connectors using fully automated assembly lines which allow a very high level of productivity and quality control.
This consistent level of high product output and quality is achieved by our innovative and reliable production and test machines which utilise display monitors to check and control that every single component is correctly assem- bled into the finished product type.
This continuous attention to detail by our Connector Division allows the ATAM brand to be Internationally recognised as a strong market leader in our field.

ATAM Encapsulation

In the Encapsulation department the semi-finished product is over moulded with suitable resins creating a covering that is both technically and aesthetically appropriate. The use of avant-garde, electronically-regulated machinery enables ATAM to offer and use a wide range of resins to meet the Client’s specific requirements.
The problems of obtaining higher power with increasingly reduced external dimensions has induced ATAM to constantly research and test resins that perform better at high temperatures and at the same time are capable of withstanding humidity and atmo- spheric agents in general.
ATAM exclusively uses materials with a high resistance to wear and tear such as epoxy resins, polyamide resins, polyester thermoplastic resins, polyarylamide-based resins, and special thermoplastic resins with a phenyl polysulphide base.

ATAM Final Quality Control

The final Quality Control department is particularly impor- tant. Here, with the aid of fully automated computerised machinery, ATAM’ entire production range undergoes rigo- rous testing to verify the resistance, impulse behaviour, die- lectric rigidity and performance of each individual item. Meticulous, highly-qualified personnel carry out a thorough visual inspection of each finished product and in addition
are able to view the technical drawing of the product they are inspecting by means of an internal computer network connected to the quality control machine, to immediately verify its conformity with the original design.
Once conformity of the product has been established all the necessary identification marks are applied.

ATAM Certifications

ATAM is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1993. Thanks to its attention to quality and the passion it puts into its work, ATAM was one of the first companies in Italy with less than 30 employees to obtain this important certification. ATAM also produces homologated solenoids that comply with the following ATEX directives:

EN 50014

EN 50018

EN 50281/1/1

EN 50028

IEC 60079/18

ATAM is able to assist its clients at all stages of the cer- tification and homologation process as well as helping them with research into new materials and new technical solutions.
Special attention is paid to conti- nuously improve the production systems and working environment by providing staff at all levels with regular professional re-training and update/ refresher courses, held both in-company and externally.
ATAM places great importance on cultivating its rela- tionships with customers, suppliers and all bodies and authorities outside the company.