This range of sensors is primarily used to detect the position of a magnetic piston element found in linear and rotary pneumatic cylinders. Within our standard sensor housing we have a range of circuit functions available which includes normally open and normally closed reed types, as well as PNP and NPN magneto-resisitive versions. We have a comprehensive range of fixing brackets available which allow the sensors to be used with various types of cylinders construction, e.g. tie rod, round, compact and extrusion types etc. In addition our sensors are widely used with cylinders using the inverted 6mm "T" groove type extrusion, where the sensor once installed is protected within the cylinder groove. With this type of "T" groove cylinder you can top mount our patented sensor directly into the cylinder groove allowing easy assembly (& dis-assembly) of the sensor and cylinder.

• robust design,
• versatile & compact,
• reed & magneto resistive versions,
• fixed integral moulded cable with a choice of cable lengths and type, 

• options of M8 or M12 moulded connectors, 

• LED indicator as standard to confirm signal status,

• normally open reed version capable of working up to 230V AC/DC.