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17.06.2019 - A highly specialized, always available Tooling Department »
ATAM has its own modern Tooling Department equipped with the latest machinery able to design products and the moulds to make them. Interconnected with the automated management [...]
10.06.2019 - Power and protection for off-highway hydraulic applications »
The 65x76.4mm family of coils is particularly suitable for all earth-moving hydraulic applications, thanks to the power range offered (between 40W and 75W). It is available with [...]
03.06.2019 - May 2019 »
ATAM's on-time delivery is ensured by an automated management system that minimizes lead times. Robotic machinery, integrated into the management system, works in three shifts with [...]
11.04.2019 - Boost of production capacity in thermosetting epoxy resin encapsulation »
Our coil production is now enriched by two moulding machines for thermosetting epoxy resin, thus enlarging our internal capacity to more than 1 million pieces per year for this [...]
04.04.2019 - Cable entry connectors with VDE certification »
The KA and KB range of cable entry connectors for solenoid valves is supplied both in standard version and with electronic control circuits. They stand out for their robust design [...]
28.03.2019 - An ATEX certified coil for pneumatic applications »
Great focus on the new 257 coil, with ATEX and IECEx certifications for gas and dust up to Zone 1-M2 in pneumatic applications. A special housing together with a precision thermal [...]
05.03.2019 - Hannover Messe 2019 »
ATAM is a leading manufacturer of encapsulated coils and industrial connections. We’ll be at Hannover Messe (1-5 April 2019) to present Coil 257, the latest addition to our range [...]
27.09.2017 - Press Releases »
Welcome to Atam press area. This space contains all the press releases. You can download them by clicking on the desired release.2018Innovative [...]
20.07.2017 - Atam press review »
Welcome to Atam press area. This space contains  all the press reviews ordered per theme. You can download them by clicking on the desired [...]